Coming back after a break

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  • — 1/17/2023

So... I've been out for a bit (so much for daily posting, *insert why god meme here*). It was a for a good reason though, I recently moved into a new place!

I've been spending the past week unpacking, building furniture, and just re-adjusting to all the new things going on 😵‍💫.

I thought moving out would be fun but mostly it's just been expensive, expensive af *insert another why god here*.

Anyways, this post is to let you know that I'm coming back to the blogging scene. Here's what upcoming:

  • Publish Part 4 of my intro to framer-motion series
  • Start a series on Pocketbase and Astro (I know, isn't that fun?)
  • Start a mini-series on TailwindCSS hacks and tricks (basically creative stuff with Tailwind that I've learned over the years)

That's all I wanted to say here! If you're still here why not subscribe to my newsletter below OR checkout my most recent post on building animated mesh gradients with whatamesh

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